New Hope for a Renewable World

For anyone who doesn’t know, the tragedy of the commons is the idea that as humans progress technologically and learn how to extend more resources, the earth takes the biggest hit. As time progresses and changes aren’t made to become more sustainable, then there could be irreversible damage done to the earth. This is why people to trying to spread awareness on climate change and sustainability movements. The problem is many countries rely on “dirty” things like coal and fossil fuels to run big factories, and, in turn, helping their economy. China is a great example of a huge emitter of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. This seems to be a question of ethics, and it is a question every country will have to answer for themselves. What is more important, the earth or the money?

In fact, what innovations are being made to help the environment?

According to Science Daily, scientists at Ohio State University are in the final steps in creating a new form of plastic that is biodegradable. More than 18 billion tons of plastic a year is wasted and thrown into the oceans, and this is just from coastal regions alone. Having this new bioplastic could do wonders for the effort to clean up the earth. Although this may seem like a small change, this could affect millions of lives. The carbon footprint humans have left on the earth is undeniable, but that does not mean it is irreversible. Small changes like these become big changes in the long run. The environment should be a top priority for the UN and other organizations, and this bioplastic could have a huge impact on the world.

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