Bipartisanship in a deeply divided nation

In Pietro S. Novela’s “In Defense of Partisan Politics”, he describes the way that America has become more partisan in recent years and decades. In the past, there were factions within political parties like the liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, and laws were passed by throwing together coalitions. Now, voters and their representative stay along party lines. To Novela, bi-partisanship is unattainable, and Americans need to accept that. He also mentions that the national electorate is just as excited about the democratic process despite the newfound partisanship.

Is bi-partisanship truly dead in America?

In the Washington Examiner’s “Media bands together to back CNN and Jim Acosta in lawsuit against Trump” by Melissa Quinn, she describes the White House’s ban on reporter Jim Acosta. After Acosta asked a question that Trump didn’t like, his staff sent a young woman to take the microphone from him. When he refused, she began to wrestle him for it, and the White House revoked his press pass on the grounds that he had inappropriately treated this young woman. CNN is suing the White House for violation of his First Amendment right to free speech and Fifth Amendment right to due process. Sixteen other news companies have backed CNN in their suit, including their ideological nemesis Fox News. This is a refreshing example of American bi-partisanship and how both sides of the aisle can team up to protect the fundamental institutions that the U.S. holds so dear.


Nivola, Pietro S. “In Defense of Partisan Politics.” Brookings. July 28, 2016.

Quinn, Melissa. “Media Bands Together to Back CNN and Jim Acosta in Lawsuit against Trump.” Washington Examiner. November 14, 2018. Accessed November 16, 2018.

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