Brexit: Scotland

During the Scottish Referendum for Independence, many UK citizens feared that Scotland may actually leave the UK. The fact that a YouGov poll showed that the “Yes” side was very close behind the “No” side, illustrated how the UK’s political scene has become highly chaotic with the second-largest country’s leaders becoming more and more nationalistic.


Additionally, when the Scottish majority voted “No”, the UK Parliament found itself with the need to grant Scotland more power, yet had to cut their influence on English legislature matters, some of which could impact the Scottish themselves such as the decision to keep the nuclear weapons in Scotland instead of moving them to England. This classic “stuck in a rut” situation gave the Conservative Party the opportunity to set up “tripwires” for the Labor Party on the basis that Labor has to honour their deal to cut the Scots off from English legislative matters. Another contentious issue that sparked panic during the referendum was the alleged fear of the National Health Service (NHS) being privatised.


Based on the above, it is reasonable to say that a the UK is currently in a state of chaos (as evidenced by current British PM, Theresa May’s, continual with Brexit in spite of Scottish Parliamentary refusal of consent).  As a matter of fact, the conflict between nation and state is best evidenced by an attempt at Scottish Independence this year.


What’s interesting about this situation is that Scotland, as one of the four countries of the UK, had its political body devolved over many years. This resulted in the UK becoming a unitary state with power residing in the central government. Given that this is the case, one can only wonder whether the Scottish Referendum will be all bark and no bite for decades to come.

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