China’s Government Structure

Henry Vaule



Memo #9

The annual meeting of China’s National People’s Congress will meet to discuss multiple issues. These issues include the financial opportunities of the upcoming year, the defense budget, a crackdown on corruption, free speech, the question on international affairs, and new leadership within the presidential council. At this meeting, 3,000 elected members delegate over these problems that they believe are the most pressing for China. This congress is similar to a parliament but includes communist members. Overall, this meeting helps the Chinese Government set goals and a guide for the coming year.

Although this problem was not a planned major point of discussion, China’s current trade war with the United States is one of the most important complications they are facing. In the National People’s Congress, a few questions are going to be raised about the Chinese Government’s relationship with President Trump. However, members of Congress rarely take unscripted questions and are unlikely to answer any conflicting question. Since the meeting of the National People’s Congress, this trade war has escalated. According to CNBC, the United States and China are expected to remain in a trade war for a long time. With more tariffs surfacing in 2019, analysts are expecting the United States and China to not resume trade talks. Also, it has surfaced that the two sides have yet to find common ground or agreement.  

How can a modern communist state respect and take into account all of their people’s needs?

For a communist state to thrive in today’s world, the government must establish some form of a parliamentary system like the National People’s Congress. This would allow people to bring up issues that they believe require the government’s attention.

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