Conflicts Within the Democratic Process

Henry Vaule



Memo #14

According to The Atlantic and many other news outlets, Russia hacked the 2016 election. These hackers attacked the U.S. through social media, propaganda, and the Democratic Party. Both Facebook and Twitter found thousands of fake Russian accounts that had been influencing American voters. This caused confusion for many as there were limited credible news sources. The information that was stolen from the Democratic’s email servers was then given to Wikileaks. Many news sources spread this stolen information and thus helped the Russians. Overall, Russia was able to damage and humiliate America’s democratic system.

In his ongoing quest to diminish and belittle America’s political influence in the world, Putin has recently exchanged military and financial aid for Venezuela’s oil reserves. Also, Putin has publicly supported Venezuela’s current socialist president, Nicolas Maduro. This support directly contradicts America’s current situation with Venezuela as Trump has recognized the self-declared president, Juan Guaidó as the true leader.

How can America and Russia maintain a peaceful political relationship while Russia is secretly attempting to influence American politics?

Although it seems that Russia has been the main culprit of influencing one another’s politics, both America and Russia are guilty of this crime. Since the end of the Cold War, America and Russia have found ways to attack each other without actually fighting a war. This discrete battle usually takes the form of each country attempting to manipulate struggling governments like Venezuela. However, this recent cyber attack marks one of the first times of a direct attack in many years. Especially considering the importance of this election, Putin and his assumed fleet of hackers have definitely crossed a line and American-Russian relations are at an all-time low for the twenty-first century.

Julia Ioffe. “What Putin Really Wants.” The Atlantic. (December 11, 2017.)

“Putin Taunts Trump: 400 Russian Military Contractors Sent to Venezuela in Support of Maduro.” The Washington Times. (February 04, 2019.)

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