Indian Political Parties

In India, there are two main parties, the historically strong INC and the recently strong BJP, and a bunch of smaller parties. These small parties are still very important thought, and make up about 40% of the House. The INC and BJP are still more important though. The INC is more focused on promoting Hindu nationalism and economic reform, while the BJP is more focused on everyone. Recent BJP leaders have been trying to downplay their religious ties and promote the picture of the BJP being a more honest INC. This is difficult though, as they are largely anti-muslim. For example, Modi, the current Prime Minister has been accused of being too tied to hindu nationalism. However, he has made up for this by promising to be the more ‘honest’ INC through promoting growth and limiting corruption.

On October 24th, India Today reported that Sharad Pawar, leader of the NCP spoke about the necessity of small parties joining together to compete politically with the BJP. He says that these parties must form a coalition at a local level in order to have a say, as attempting to take over nationally would be too difficult.

How can such a diverse country such as India have their whole population represented by one major ruling party?

The BJP accounts for 52% of the current House. The leader, Modi, has been under criticism for being a little racist towards non-Hindus. While Hinduism is the predominant religion of India, it is certainly not 100%, and with a population of 1.4 billion people, there are plenty of people not receiving the recognition and support they need. This is crucial, as India is still a impoverished country, and while the government is making efforts, it is still, and probably never will be, entirely representative.


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