Reactionary Tendency to Migration

In last night’s reading, “Is Europe Ready for Non-European Migrants” in the book CCP, we see the various reaction towards migrants fleeing poverty and war-torn countries entering Europe. In the beginning, the book acknowledges the idea that there exists different attitudes with regards to viewing migrants of a different ethnic / racial background in different countries. In order to find out these opinions, CCP mentions how we must first understand the existing attitudes of those living in Europe towards a different race / ethnic background.


Interestingly, CCP mentions of the prejudice towards migrants from poorer nations. It is explained that this bias exists because one would tend to associate migrants from richer countries with higher skill levels and those from poorer countries such as current migrants with fewer skills to bring to the labor market. This attitude is possibly linked to the perception that migrants can be a drain on the market and cause wages to be driven down in the lower skilled areas. As mentioned in CCP, previous research has shown that possession of lower educational attainment is directly correlated to an increase in anti-immigrant attitudes as compared to those who had attained higher education.


In the manifesto of the Alternative Fur Deutschland (AfD), a far-right party in Germany, they have explicitly declared reasons for their thoughts. It is mentioned that “The AfD is committed to German as the predominant culture. This culture is derived from three sources: rstly, the religious traditions of Christianity; secondly, the scienti c and humanistic heritage, whose ancient roots were renewed during the period of Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment; and thirdly, Roman law, upon which our constitutional state is founded. Together, these traditions are the foundation of our free and democratic society, and they determine daily patterns of social interaction in society, and shape the relationship between the sexes as well as the conduct of parents towards their children. The ideology of multiculturalism is blind to history and puts on a par imported cultural trends with the indigenous culture, thereby degrading the value system of the latter. The AfD views this as a serious threat to social peace and the survival of the nation state as a cultural unit. It is the duty of the government and civil society to con dently protect German cultural identity as the predominant culture”. This method of thought has shaped the way that right-wing Germans see Islam. They have seen it as a stark contrast to traditional German way of life and have since called for Islamic education to be absorbed as part of Ethics classes. But through focusing on the German way of life and calling for Islamic culture to be absorbed or modified to suit the host nation’s culture, would this be segregation or desegregation and is the latter bad?

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