Sections of Government and How They Affect Elections

Bryn Donovan

AP Comp Gov

Memo #8


Last nights reading addressed concepts of the legislature and what role they play in the government. Legislatures are a “body of representatives with the authority to make laws”. In the US our legislature consists of the Senate and the Congress. In other countries sometimes these are referred to as the lower chamber and upper chamber. Different electoral systems employ different variations of these systems. New Zealand for instance, allows its voters two votes each so that their party has a better chance of being represented.

The current political climate in the United States is becoming tenser as the midterms approach. The Republicans currently hold control of both the house, the Senate and the presidency. With the election approaching, the Democrats are trying to gain more control. According to CNBC, the Democrats need to gain this edge in order to have more influence on issues of health care, immigration policies, and tax reforms.

How will the upcoming elections affect the future of the US government?

Despite the highly charged environment of the current political system, it is unlikely that control of the house and senate over the next two years will matter very much. With President Trump still in office, even if the Democrats gain the house, very little progress will be made because this will merely cause more fighting between the two political parties. This increasing tension between the bicameral legislature will most likely only result in more blocked bills by both parties rather than bipartisan efforts.


Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases by J.T. Dickovick and J. Eastwood p. 203

Pramuk, Jacob, and John W. Schoen. “The Most Expensive Midterm Ever Is Just Days Away – and the House Is Democrats’ to Lose.” CNBC. November 02, 2018. Accessed November 03, 2018.

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