In part of last nights readings, we learned about the Chinese Communist Party and its huge importance in the definition of China. The CCP was created by Mao Zedong and differed from traditional Marxist communism. Mao was very interested in the peasant class, and saw them as the key to a revolution. This differs from Russia and Lenin, who thought that the peasants were worthless. However, in more recent years, the Chinese government has moved away from this and incorporated a lot of wealthy businessmen into the government.

China recently put the Green New Deal into effect. The Green New Deal follows China’s stance on helping the poor. This deal means that the government can establish bureaucracies that would provide public-sector jobs for the unemployed in order to determine who would be eligible for loans. The wealthy people would then be subject to high taxes.

Is it possible for a country to function without the help of the wealthy?

It would be very difficult. Even China, probably the most prominent communist country that is based off of power in the non-elite, has incorporated the elite into their government. Looking at Great Britain’s legislature, while the House of Commons is obviously more powerful, the House of Lords is still prevalent and exists. For a country to keep up with its allies and enemies, it needs the support of the wealthy and the poor to be successful.

Gunter, Frank R. “China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ a Hard Lesson for Green New Deal Advocates.” TheHill, The Hill, 14 Feb. 2019,

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