Homosexuality in the world

In last night’s reading concerning the global divide in homosexuality, it talked about different places and their stances on homosexuality. In general, North America and Europe were most accepted to homosexuality in society, with Africa, Asia, some parts of Russia and the middle east being against it. Latin America is more in-between. As of recently, the United States, South Korea and Canada have made huge strides to becoming more tolerant. Religion has a big role in it too, with predominantly Muslim countries being against it. In general, the more religious a county is, regardless of the religion, they are less tolerant to homosexuality. Age also plays a role, with younger people being more tolerant than older ones.

Even with great strides being made, there are still places in the United States that aren’t accepting. Recently, as reported by the Huffington Post, a marriage venue in Texas rejected a gay couple trying to get married. They based this off of their religious beliefs.

What role does the type of government have in this?

As seen in the first semester, all of the democratic countries were more tolerant towards homosexuality than the authoritarian ones we are learning about today. Even in Nigeria, where homosexuality may be frowned upon, it is still very legal. The more a government is run by the people, it is generally more accepting of homosexuality.


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