Women and Minority Groups

In ITMC, Dickovick and Eastwood talk about the factors that influence the political representation of women and minority groups. Social Movement Mobilization is a process for this, along with political parties that are based off of gender or ethnicity or institutions that promote women’s and minorities representation. These ethnic and gender parties are generally formed based off of shared interest based on demographics, a society’s culture of ethnic affiliation, the nature of political competition, and the historical treatment of the ethnic groups.

The New York Times has reported that the third women’s march is coming up. The first women’s march was the largest single day protest in United States history, and was very effective. The march that is coming up is set to protest many things, with an emphasis on anti-semitism.

How easy is it for minority groups to have representation in government?

As seen in last semester, democratic regimes and governments are often very good at representing all types of people. The election of Barack Obama for example, is a great situation where a minority is elected to the head of government. However, this is not always the case in authoritarian regimes, as these governments often discriminate against minorities and do not allow them rights to office, or even rights at all. In general, political parties based on gender and ethnicity tend to fare much better in a democratic environment that in an authoritarian one.


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