Divisions in Parties

Henry Vaule



Memo #10

In Ken Kollman’s piece, The Formation of National Party Systems, he explains the causes of various party’s creation. He establishes the context behind each party’s development. Kollman describes three causes for the progress of different party systems. These causes for the creation of new parties include: smaller division within our society demand power, unanswered challenges continue to plague groups, and electoral rules drive leaders to emerge. The divisions between parties are essential to represent the electorates in the assorted levels of the government. However, while the majority of these levels must be differing in political opinions, these political groups must account whether the party is local, regional, or national.

Kollman covered multiple countries that have a diverse array of political parties including, Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States. Although all of these countries have similar electoral laws, the United States is the only country where two national parties have dominated the political landscape throughout history. This is seen as quite unusual for countries with electoral rules and tensions between the parties continues to increase. As of last Tuesday, Democrats captures the House of Representatives and are set to directly impose President Donald Trump. With this recent win, the Democrats broke the previous Republican monopoly of power. Overall after the midterm elections, the political disputes in America will continue, but these will allow for more differing opinions in the political system.

Is there a possibility of the creation of a new party in America because of the three causes Kollman discussed?  

Although the American government does permit the creation of new parties, it is very unlikely that these newly formed parties gain traction because unlike countries like India and others, our parties system goes beyond the regional differences.

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