Example of an Authoritarian Regime

Henry Vaule



Memo #12

After the death of the former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez, crowds of people showed their devotion to the politician. According to the locals, Hugo Chávez had won using his charisma and his vision for Venezuela. During his political career, he insulted his opponents by obscuring his attacks in misleading speeches to further his own agenda. While many ordinary citizens supported Chávez, many politicians feared his radical agenda. Chávez wanted to dismantle the former two-party system and install give his own socialist party complete control. Also, he attempted to limit the people’s and media’s right to information. Today, many Venezuelan politicians have attempted to emulate Chávez’s political career. In the 2013 election, Nicolás Maduro, a clear Chávez supporter went against Henrique Capriles. Capriles advocated for many changes as the Venezuelan economy is failing and the murder rate is skyrocketing. Despite these issues, Maduro narrowly won and has struggled so far in his presidency.

As many world leaders of authoritarian regimes look to Chávez for guidance and a way to gain the people’s trust, many are overwhelmed and make drastic changes, similar to those of attempted by Chávez. After a recent election, the Democratic Republic of the Congo cut off all access to the internet to avoid the possible “chaos” after the election results. The government is attempting to control all media access so they can disband any coup. This control is similar to China’s as they are limiting the people access to news and the ability to assemble.

How can an untruthful politician with an unsuccessful career be praised?

Despite the failures of a leader, the media often serves as the only news outlet for many people. So they can distort the realities of a politicians life to maintain a party’s following.

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