Past AP Questions (International Systems)


In relations with the European Union, the two British parties that have had the most uniformly stable and favorable attitudes are

(a) Labour and Liberal Democrats

(b) Liberal Democrats and Conservatives

(c) Labour and Conservatives

(d) Conservatives and Scottish Nationalists

(e) Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists


The major motivation for neoliberal economic reforms in Mexico and Nigeria has come from which of the following?

(a) Political uprising by the urban poor

(b) Collapse of longstanding labor unions

(c) Widespread opposition to globalization

(d) Debt burdens and pressures from international lenders

(e) The need to expand the economic base for military modernization


Which of the following political blocs would be most likely to favor nationalization of large industrial enterprises?

(a) Liberals

(b) Islamists

(c) Socialists

(d) Libertarians

(e) Conservatives