Shaun Kwan


Hello there!

My name is Shaun Kwan and I am from Singapore. I am currently a Senior in Holderness School and spend a fair amount of time pondering about life and the people and things around me. I have a keen interest in international relations, politics, and national and global security issues. In school, I am in charge of the school’s chapel services and enjoy performing arts, outdoor activities and skiing, and write for the school newspaper, The Picador.  In addition, I work with the Director of Equity and Inclusion on the theme of Racial Equality. For my graduation project, I explore the utility of village-located vocational training in Mombasa, Kenya, to enhance self-reliance and poverty alleviation.

Outside of school, I am on the Global Scholar Youth Advisory Board as a board member. Currently, I also run my own website named InSpiration Ignition™ which serves as a platform for me to share quotes that I write as well as blog posts on my thoughts regarding politics and society. It also serves as a way for me to advocate for better mental healthcare as well as the promotion of self-care.

To explore my website, click on the link below. In the website, there will also be a button which will take you to the Sar-El Volunteer Corps (Singapore) website where you can sign up to be a volunteer in Israel as a Singaporean citizen.

Best wishes,

Shaun “Officer” Kwan

InSpiration Ignition by Shaun Kwan