Terms (Ideology & Religion)


    • Political culture: symbolic encoded beliefs, values, norms, and practices that shape the distribution of power in society
    • Modernity: society experiencing economic growth and with a relatively strong state


  • Secularism: the ideology complex that favors the non-religious culture
  • Ideology: a set of beliefs focused on politics
  • Privatization: a social study of religion that refers to the process of religious practice being confined to the private sphere
  • Liberalism: an ideology that emphasizes individual freedoms, representative democracy, and the market economy
  • Social Democracy: an ideological movement that favors both representative democracies with respect for basic individual rights and state action to promote relative economic and social equity
  • Fascism: authoritarian ideology associated with regimes like Nazis, favoring authoritarianism, militarism, and right-wing nationalism


  • Socialism: an ideology that emphasizes economic equity through state action